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1. This site does not have any kind of questionable pictures and it does not contain any kind of sexually explicit or lascivious pictures. All content production on this site fully abides by the the local laws where the productions are done and we have made sure to be legally compliant with current international laws.

2. This site is hosted in the Netherlands where the law and society do not irrationally call 'child pornography' to any picture depicting a minor. There are plenty of racy, tawdry and superprovocative kiddy sites out there, if you feel offended by our works we recommend you surf around a bit. It won't take you long to come upon some of those sites.

3. Because laws are different in every country, it is the sole responsibility of the visitor to make sure that viewing this site is legal in the country he is living. The publishers of this site cannot be held responsible for any liabilities regarding legal compliance with your community standards.

4. The pictures on this site are all shot under supervision of the parents or an appointed legal guardian. Agreements and contracts have been signed by the model and the legal representative as well as a copy of the identity documents.

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